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3 Landing Page Tips to Follow This 2020

If your goal is to increase your conversion rates this 2020, you must look at your landing page. Where are you sending your traffic to?

Too many times, so much effort is put into well-crafted front-end marketing, while the landing pages are neglected.

Landing pages are a crucial part of your funnel that can significantly increase your conversion rates if you have the best practices in place.

There will always be new strategies, and there are also classics that may seem like no-brainers but are commonly forgotten.

We talked with Oliver Kenyon of the Landing Page Guys (leading to a post of the video) to share with you the top tips that have been proven effective by 7-figure e-commerce sites. If you’re driven to increase your conversion rates for for-impact initiatives, these tips are also for you.

At the end of the day, you also need to capture your audience’s attention, and convert to create impact.



New Landing Page Tips



1. Use emojis on buttons


Learn More 👉🏽

instead of

Learn More


People express themselves with emojis. As Oliver said, we RELATE to emojis.

Put an emoji on your call-to-action button and see the effect on your conversion rates.

The top emoji, according to Oliver? The 👉🏽 pointing finger. ⏰ on limited offers, 📆 to book appointments, and 🛒 for add to cart work well, too.

Be creative and see what works well for you.


2. Fix a call-to-action button 


Convert even on mobile. Don’t make your audience look for your call-to action button. Always fix a call-to-action button at the bottom of your screen on mobile to make it easier for them to buy what you’re selling.


For every one second decrease in load time on your landing page, you’ll see between 3 and 10% increase in conversions!

3. Increase landing page loading speed

“For every one second decrease in load time on your landing page, you’ll see between 3 and 10% increase in conversions.” – Oliver Kenyon, Landing Page Guys 

Make sure your landing page is loading as fast as it can. You can use GTmetrics.com or Google Site Speed Test to test your site’s speed, and get recommendations on how to further optimise your site.

What’s your favorite landing page tip of all time? Let us know below!

Written By: 

Philipp Schoeffmann

Philipp is a 20-year veteran of digital marketing who has spent most of his adult life in 2 worlds: selling online, and creating social impact through education. In 2020, together with his wife Fabienne (an economist for the UN and PhD in social sciences), he has founded The FAM Fund.