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Phone videos made this product a huge e-commerce marketing success

Steven Kuhn, then Global Sales Representative of LayBag, was with the brand when they grew and sold 500,000 products in 3 months.

I chatted with him for a behind-the-scenes interview of sorts for Affiliate World Conferences. He shared his background, and how they sold 500,000 LayBags with the help of phone videos.

It took off like crazy – Steven Kuhn

Steven Kuhn’s Background

He had no formal experience in being a sales representative before LayBag.

After serving in the US Military in the Calvary Regimen, he did everything from bodyguard for Mick Jagger to opening one of the first techno clubs in Berlin. He also managed fitness clubs and cocktail bars.

When he was offered to be a part of LayBag, he had no prior formal training.

But he knew that the distributor in America is a person, just like him, and he can do good things with people.

So he dived headfirst and, quickly, the brand saw success.


LayBag was founded by 3 of Steven’s friends who do outdoor festivals all over the world. They thought it would be great to have something comfortable to lay on during a festival, and the inflatable air lounge was born.

LayBag Marketing Success

“It took off like crazy.” – Steven Kuhn

Their team tried the route most brands take: use an agency. Pay 20,000 EUR for a video, upload it online, see if it sells.

It did, but they did much better with their reactive and proactive iPhone and 35mm homemade videos.


👉 When they had a complaint, they responded with a video.

Can’t inflate it by just standing still? Well here’s a video of how you inflate it the fun and efficient way.

👉 Or when they had a question.

Is it going to rip on rocky ground? Here’s a video of the LayBag on a hundred broken bottles.


They didn’t need to explain, they just did it and showed the world.

Because it was their own small team who were in the videos, and they used simple gadgets they already had with them, they would have a video up and earning money in just half an hour.

They were proactive the entire time.

Soon, Walmart and Target reached out to them wanting their product.

In 3 months, they sold 500,000 bags.

1920 x 1280 px 3 - Steven Kuhn - Phone videos made this product a huge e-commerce marketing success
What can you do now to make your business a success?

Don’t wait for things and opportunities to come before you act. Like Steven and the LayBag team, you have to be proactive.

Instead of thinking what you need to succeed (a professional camera, a new laptop, a car), ask yourself: how can you make the most out of what you have now?

The phone you have now, your old laptop, your existing network, and all the other things you currently have can bring you closer to your goals, but only if you make the most out of them.

Don’t wait, be proactive.

Chase your dream.

Create impact.

Written By: 

Philipp Schoeffmann

Philipp is a 20-year veteran of digital marketing who has spent most of his adult life in 2 worlds: selling online, and creating social impact through education. In 2020, together with his wife Fabienne (an economist for the UN and PhD in social sciences), he has founded The FAM Fund.