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Productivity Tip: Stop Managing Your Time!

How many times have you nicely scheduled your day only for everything to be immediately thrown out the window, and you’re left scrambling to pick up the pieces?

Energy Management - Quote

It used to happen to me all the time, too. I used to fit my goals in neat blocks in my calendar but despite my best efforts, I always fell behind schedule. Until I realized what I was doing wrong.

I’ve possibly read all the time management tips out there. They looked so simple that I thought I must had been doing something horrendously wrong! I experienced the frustration of failing to stick to my schedule almost every day until I realized I was not the one at fault—it was time management.

Time management looks pretty, but it’s not practical. The method fails to take into account distractions, unplanned situations, and, most importantly, energy lows and highs.

Good thing I learned about energy management. With energy management, when I need a 15 minute nap to be productive for the whole day, I take it. Whenever I’m energized, even if it’s 5 AM, I do great work. There’s no schedule to hold me back.

Enjoying my morning skyline view with Burj Khalifa as I work at 6 AM.

Because I stopped forcing my mood and thoughts to fit a schedule, I became more focused and more time efficient. In retrospect, it was crazy to think I could schedule my emotions, energy, and the world around me!

Energy management has given me more ENERGY to pursue my passions, and succeed. Photo by Affiliate World Conferences.

I don’t mean you should take naps whenever you want. The key word here is ENERGY. Assess your energy lows and highs, and their causes; then be willing to make adjustments to give yourself more energy. You’ll be surprised how small things matter, such as cutting down on Netflix binging.


You can’t turn back time, but you can turn up your energy. ⚡

Written By: 

Philipp Schoeffmann

Philipp is a 20-year veteran of digital marketing who has spent most of his adult life in 2 worlds: selling online, and creating social impact through education. In 2020, together with his wife Fabienne (an economist for the UN and PhD in social sciences), he has founded The FAM Fund.