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The Importance of Seller Credibility in Online Sales

Why aren’t people buying from you?

☑️ You’re targeting the right audience

☑️ You have an amazing product or service

☑️ You’re communicating benefits well

Everything looks fine so it must be the pricing, right?

🙅 Not necessarily.

The reason most people don’t buy, according to Drew Eric Whitman, the advertising expert and bestselling author is:

❌ the LACK of a seller’s credibility

Your audience wants to buy from you.

Your audience wants to buy from you.

If you communicate the benefits of your product well to your target audience—if you make a benefit claim to them, a positive claim, and they’re the right audience, they WANT to believe that claim.

But in the consumers’ mind, there’s an old apothecary scale. ⚖️

In one of its bowls, it has skepticism. In one, a desire to believe.

And this scale is constantly weighing both.

They want to believe your claim, but they’re afraid of losing somehow.

As an advertiser, you have to know how to push down on that side that has the desire to believe.

And lighten up the weight of skepticism.

How do you do this?

You pile on the credibility:

With these 2 things, benefits and credibility, your target audience will be comfortable to make a purchase from you.

Written By: 

Philipp Schoeffmann

Philipp is a 20-year veteran of digital marketing who has spent most of his adult life in 2 worlds: selling online, and creating social impact through education. In 2020, together with his wife Fabienne (an economist for the UN and PhD in social sciences), he has founded The FAM Fund.