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Trust: Its Importance and How to Build It

You’ve been authentic yet, somehow, your brand’s client base isn’t growing. What could you be doing wrong?

So many gurus tell you to be authentic—there’s nothing wrong with that, being authentic is crucial. But they often miss telling you the point of it: to gain and keep trust.


We entrusted our home to a stranger


My family and I were having our home renovated—a big personal project for us that we fully entrusted to one company. The company subsequently failed to deliver what they promised, breaking the huge trust we gave them.

It put stress on our business relationship with the company, but, worse, it strained our personal relationships.

Would we hire them again? You can trust we won’t.


Your clients’ projects are like their homes


The contractor lost our business and relationship as soon as they lost our trust. Imagine this happening to them 2x, 10x, 100x, 1000x—the impact would be massive! Imagine this happening to you.

Trust is massively underrated. Most businesses won’t exist without it.

Gain and keep your clients by treating their projects as their homes.


How can you build trust?


Trust is an affordable capital that can give massive returns. And although it looks simple to build, many fail at it. Be one of those who succeed.

Here are crucial ways to gain and keep trust:

  • Do as you promised
  • Be true to yourself and others
  • Be transparent
  • Think before putting a message out
  • Learn to put trust in others

Many don’t realize that the foundation of our relationships, both business and personal, are trust. Without this foundation, these relationships crumble.


At The Fam Fund, we prioritize building and keeping trust in everything we do.


When will you invest in trust?

Written By: 

Philipp Schoeffmann

Philipp is a 20-year veteran of digital marketing who has spent most of his adult life in 2 worlds: selling online, and creating social impact through education. In 2020, together with his wife Fabienne (an economist for the UN and PhD in social sciences), he has founded The FAM Fund.